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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I join SWE?

You are a member of SWE by simply participating in SWE events and attending meetings. You can participate as much or as little as you would like. 

Do I have to be an engineer to join SWE?

No. Anyone and any major is welcome to participate in our events and attend our meetings. 

How much are dues?

There are no mandatory dues for general members. If you are interested in becoming a SWE National Member, there are options that range from $20-$50. Becoming a SWE National Member gives you more perks such as officer eligibility, membership prizes, and scholarships. Click here to learn more. 

Is there a capacity for the amount of SWE members?

No, there is no capacity. Fun fact: as of Spring 2024, we have over 500 active members here at Texas A&M!

Do I have to join a committee to be a part of SWE?

No. While committees are a great way to expand on your leadership, professional, and teamwork skills, being a part of a committee is not required to participate in most of SWE's events and general meetings. 

Can I join more than one committee?

Yes, you can join as many committees as you'd like. Keep in mind the average time commitment each committee might take to help decide on what you want to participate in.

If you are interested or are a part of SWElites, you cannot be a part of multiple committees within SWElites. However, you can be a part of one committee in SWElites, and multiple committees in Big SWE (outside of SWElites) at the same time. 

Can transfer students and students from Blinn be a part of SWE TAMU?


Do I have to be a SWE National Member to join a committee?


The committees within SWElites are the only committee members that need to be a SWE National Member. 

Do I have to be a SWE National Member to attend general meetings?

No, but National Members can earn points for attending general meetings!

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