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About SWElites?

SWElites is a Freshman Leadership Program within the Society of Women Engineers at Texas A&M University. We focus on developing leaders, giving back to our community, and encouraging STEM education through excellence, sisterhood, and integrity.


This exciting program is in its sixth year, and we are looking for driven and enthusiastic applicants who are ready to step into real leadership roles to kick start their collegiate career at Texas A&M. If you are looking for an outlet where you can make an impact on the community around you as well as improve both leadership and professional skills, this is definitely the place for you.

SWElites Application

Applications open at the beginning of every Fall semester. 

Contact swelites@swetamu .org for questions/concerns

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Professional Development

The Professional Development committee encourages the development of essential professional and networking skills needed in industry through a major career fair, company tours, resume building activities, and LinkedIn workshops.

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The Fundraising committee coordinates fundraising events, encourages fiscal responsibility and fosters the development of essential business skills that enable members to be comfortable in a sales environment.



The Service committee encourages active community involvement and compassionate leadership through several service and volunteer events such as Big Event, STEM 5K, and the Physics and Engineering festival.

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The Socials committee focuses on public relations, marketing SWElites through social media, encouraging relationship development by planning various social events, and recording events through photography. 

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The Education committee fosters the development of essential engineering skills needed in industry through hands-on workshops and informs members of opportunities such as internships, workshops, research opportunities, hackathons, and scholarships, especially those geared towards freshmen.

Parallel Lines


Anu Shruthi Anand

Howdy! My name is Anu Shruthi Anand and I'm a junior Biomedical Engineering major from Coppell, TX. I became involved with SWE-TAMU during my freshman year in the SWElites Funds Committee. I then became the Funds Counselor for SWElites 2026 and am now beyond grateful that I get to serve as SWElites Co-Chair! I can't wait to lead the incoming class of SWElites and continue my journey through SWE! In my free time, I enjoy playing violin, listening to Asian pop, drinking boba, and participating in Aggie traditions.

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Ruthie Sloan

Howdy! My name is Ruthie Sloan and I’m one of SWE’s SWElites co-chairs for the upcoming school year. I’m an electrical engineering major, class of 2025, and love all things SWE! I have been involved in SWElites since my freshman year as a SWElite as well as a SWElites Service counselor my sophomore year. I have also been involved in SWE’s STEMfest, PR, and Socials Committee. Outside of SWE, I’m involved in AFC, a religious organization run by my church. I also love to travel with my family in our RV and experiment with makeup and fashion. I look forward to see what we accomplish in the 2023-2024 school year!

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2023 Counselors

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Kyeongseo Choi


Howdy! My name is Kyeongseo Choi, and I am a Sophomore majoring General Engineering from Seoul, Korea. I started my involvement in SWE through SWElites as a Socials committee member in my freshman year. I gained lots of experiences and knew that I want to be involved into it even more. I am so grateful to serve as one of the Socials counselors in SWElites this year. I am ready to share my experience and support those new SWElites.

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Kristina Hruska


Howdy! My name is Kristina Hruska and I am a sophomore General Engineering major from The Woodlands, TX. In my free time, I enjoy listening to music, driving around with my friends, and participating in various Aggie traditions. My SWE journey started when I became a member of the SWElites Socials committee my freshman year. I am beyond excited to continue my journey leading and mentoring the incoming SWElites as one of this year's Socials Committee Counselors. SWE has brought me many great opportunities and friends, and I look forward to meeting the incoming class!

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Sathvika Masina


Howdy! My name is Sathvika Masina, and I am a sophomore Industrial Engineering major from Coppell, TX. My SWE journey started in freshman year when I became a member of the Socials Committee in SWElites. This year, I am so excited to serve as a SWElites Fundraising Counselor as well as continue my involvement in other SWE endeavors! I enjoy listening to music, going to concerts, traveling, watching movies, and spending time with friends. I can't wait to meet the new class of SWElites and see what they accomplish this year!

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Meenalika Singh


Howdy! My name is Meenalika Singh and I am a sophomore computer science engineering major from Delhi, India. I became a part of SWE-TAMU last year as a Funds committee member in SWElites 2026, and now, I am glad to continue this journey as the Fundraiser co-counselor for SWElites 2027! During my free time, I love to jam with my friends, play badminton, and go on boba runs.

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Claire Drake


Howdy! My name is Claire Drake, and I am a sophomore General Engineering major from Dallas, Texas! As a freshman, I was a part of the SWElites Socials Committee and am now super excited to be an Education Counselor for SWElites 2027! I enjoy listening to Taylor Swift, building Legos, reading, and watching rom coms. I cannot wait to meet all of the new SWElites!

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Julia Arukakkal


Howdy! My name is Julia Arukakkal, and I am a sophomore Computer Science student from Plano, TX. As a freshman, I was in the SWElites Professional Development Committee. Currently, I serve as one of the co-counselors for the Education Committee, and am so excited for SWElites 2027! In my free time, I love to draw, read, grow plants, write, and play with my dog. I can't wait to see what the ingenuitive class of 2027 has to offer. :)

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Audrey Bui


Howdy! My name is Audrey Bui, and I am a sophomore Mechanical Engineering major from Austin, Texas. I got involved in SWE during my freshman year, and was a member of the Outreach Committee, High School Conference Committee, and the SWElites Socials Committee. This year, I am excited to serve as one of the co-counselors for the SWElites Service Committee! In my free time, I love watching Formula 1, listening to K-pop, and watching movies and K-dramas. I also love going out with my friends to work out and get boba. I am excited for the upcoming year and can't wait to meet future SWElites!

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Lehana Ramkumar


Howdy! My name is Lehana Ramkumar, and I am a sophomore Electrical Engineering major from Plano, TX. I was a member of the SWElites service committee last year, and I’m excited to be returning to the service committee as a co-counselor! I love anime, music, cold beverages, and being outdoors. I’m excited to meet y’all :)

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Siddhi Mittal


Howdy! My name is Siddhi Mittal, and I'm a sophomore Computer Science major from Austin, Texas. I started my SWE journey last year as a part of SWElites Professional Development Committee and the STEMfest Design Committee. This year I'm honored to be serving as one of the Co-Counselor for the PD Committee and am so excited to meet everyone! Outside of college, I spend time drawing, listening to music, and reading (mainly mystery and fantasy).


Trisha Komitla


Howdy! My name is Trisha Komitla and I'm a sophomore engineering major from Dallas, TX! I started getting involved in SWE at the beginning of my freshman year as a part of the SWElites Funds Committee and STEMfest Communications Team. I am super excited to be the PD Co-Counselor this year!! During my free time I love listening to music, binge watching shows/movies, trying new food, and going on late night drives with my friends. I am also a huge animal lover!

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