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What is SWElites?

SWElites is a Freshman Leadership Program within the Society of Women Engineers at Texas A&M University. We focus on developing leaders, giving back to our community, and encouraging STEM education through excellence, sisterhood, and integrity. This exciting program is in its fifth year, and we are looking for proactive and enthusiastic applicants who are ready to step into real leadership roles to kick start their collegiate career at Texas A&M. If you are looking for an outlet where you can make an impact on the community around you as well as improve both leadership and professional skills, this is definitely the place for you.

SWElites Co-Chairs

Sarah Macias

Howdy! My name is Sarah Macias, and I am a junior chemical engineering major from San Antonio, Tx. This year, I have the honor of serving as one of the SWElites Co-Chairs. As a freshman, I became involved in SWE through SWElites. I went on to become the STEMfest
committee counselor during my sophomore year. I have also participated on the SWE Representative committee, Public Relations committee, and TREC team. Outside of SWE, I play the oboe in the Texas A&M Wind Symphony concert band and am also a member of the Zachry Leadership Program.

Michaela Matocha

Howdy! My name is Michaela Matocha and I am a sophomore computer science major from Round Rock, TX. I am overjoyed to have the opportunity to serve as your SWElites Co-Chair this year, and I can't wait to help the incoming freshman grow as I did in the SWElites program last year. In addition to SWElites, I've also been involved in SWE Inspire and FLAME. Some of my favorite things to do outside of SWE and doing schoolwork are crocheting, singing, and sending postcards to my friends.

SWElites Counselors

Sasha Daswani

Howdy! My name is Sasha Daswani and this year I am serving as your fundraising counselor for SWElites. I am very excited for the start of this semester as I plan on having new profit shares and exciting fundraising events to gain more money for our organization. As a freshman, I was also a part of SWE in which I served on the FLAME committee. I was also involved in DEEP, a physics and engineering organization in which I helped design projects for the physics and engineering festival. I hope to make this year a great one and am very excited to meet the class of 2023!

Grace Li

Howdy! My name is Grace Li and I am a sophomore Industrial Engineering major from Plano, TX. I was a SWElite last year in the STEMfest committee, and I'm so excited to continue by serving as this year's STEMfest committee counselor! SWElites was a huge part of my freshman year. I'm so grateful for the experience and I can't wait to be a part of yours!  In my free time, I enjoy going on hikes, eating, trying out new coffee shops, and spending time with my friends. Freshman year is a crazy year, and I will always be there for you whether you need advice, a friend, or a mentor. I can't wait to meet each and every one of you!

Sneha Sequeira

Howdy! My name is Sneha Sequeira and I am a sophomore Mechanical Engineering major from Katy, Texas. But most importantly, I am the loudest and proudest member of the Fightin’ Texas Aggie Class of 2022! A-A-A-A-A! SWElites was such a huge part of my freshman year - it gave me a community of women with similar interests and passions while teaching me essential leadership and professional skills. I loved every moment of it and I am so glad to be back this year, as your SWElites STEMfest Co-Counselor!  In my free time, I enjoy volunteering, eating out with my friends and watching YouTube and on Sunday evenings, I play the piano at St. Mary’s. Nutella is my favorite and I love travelling with my family! I am so excited for another great year with SWElites and I can’t wait to meet all of you!

Sarah Abraham

Howdy! My name is Sarah Abraham and I'm a Sophomore Biomedical Engineering major from Dallas, TX. This year, I'm so pumped to serve as your Service Committee Counselor! SWElites was a huge part of my freshman year and helped me make awesome new friends, develop my professional skills, and ultimately made me feel so welcome to engineering at A&M. In my free time, I like to bake, watch movies and spend time with my family and friends. I'm so thankful for the experience I got with SWElites last year and hope that we fill your freshman year with fun memories too. I look forward to meeting y'all!

Mikayla Haynes

vHowdy! My name is Mikayla Haynes, and I am a sophomore General Engineer from Parker, TX. But most importantly, I am THE LOUDEST and THE PROUDEST member of the Fighting Texas Aggie Class of 2022 A-A-A-A-A!! This year I am thrilled to have the opportunity to serve as one of SWElites Professional Development Committee Counselors. When I am not studying, I enjoy reading, eating, and hiking. I am always down to sit down and chat with anyone; it’s my favorite procrastination method. SWE has given me the chance to meet so many wonderful, inspiring women in this past year and I am excited super excited to continue my experience with SWElites and getting to meet y’all!

Anna Him

Howdy! My name is Anna Him and I am a Sophomore Industrial Engineering major from Sugar Land, Texas! But most importantly, I am the loudest and the proudest member of the Fightin' Texas Aggie Class of 2022! A-A-A-A-A!!! I have a black belt in tae kwon do, and I love dancing, food, makeup, and of course, Aggie football. I had a great experience in SWElites my freshman year, and I am thrilled to serve as Socials Committee Counselor this year! Class of 2023- I can't wait to meet y'all and I am so excited for y'all to become a part of this great SWEsterhood! 

Alexia Perez

Howdy! My name is Alexia Perez and I am a sophomore Computer Engineer from Houston, Texas. But more importantly,  I am the loudest and the proudest member of the Fighting Texas Aggie Class of 2022 A-A-A-A-A! I was a member of SWElites last year, and I am super excited to be back as the Professional Development Committee Counselor for the upcoming class of 2023. In my spare time, I enjoy practicing horse riding, as well as watching movies with my friends, shopping, and traveling. SWElites will not only provide you with an amazing group friends, it will also give you many opportunities to develop professional and leadership skills. It will be an exciting and crazy year, and if you like laughing and learning everything about being an engineer at Texas A&M, I am the SWElites counselor for you!