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SWE Representative

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SWE Representative

About SWE Rep

The SWE Representative Committee has a mission is to promote SWE to the Student Engineers' Council (SEC), Women in Engineering (WE), and the Texas A&M campus as a whole. SWE Rep takes part in planning large events such as SPARK Conference, E-Week, and various SEC sporting competitions as well as volunteer for WE conferences and professional development functions.

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Committee Positions

SEC Counselor

  • Responsible for attending SEC meetings if the officer is unable to attend (Meetings are on Monday evenings starting around 8 PM)

  • Responsible for attending all SEC events that SWE participates in

  • Prepare for all SEC events that require preparation (including but not limited to EnVision Conference, SEC sporting competitions, and E- Week)Help

  • Prior experience in SEC would be beneficial but not required

WE Counselor

  • Responsible for attending WE meetings if the officer is unable to attend

  • Responsible for attending all WE events that SWE participates in

  • Helps prepare for all WE events that require preparation

  • Prior experience in WE would be beneficial but not required

External Activities Counselor

  • Responsible for forming project teams not limited to hackathons, Aggies Invents, and National SWE competitions

  • Responsible for coordinating SWE's participation in competitions

  • Responsible for attending all outreach events that SWE participates in  ​


Andrea Nuñez

Howdy! My name is Andrea Nuñez and I am a Senior Industrial and Systems Engineering major from Brownsville, Texas. I love to dance and spend time with friends. I also love watching kdramas and dance videos. I have been in SWE since my freshman year from being in SWEiltes to the SWE Rep Committee as the WE Counselor. In my sophomore and junior year, I served as the Membership Chair and F.L.A.M.E. Chair. This year, I have the honor to serve as your SWE Representative Officer. I am excited to work with the committee and officer team, and cannot wait to make so many happy memories. 

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