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Texas A&M Membership

Being a member of SWE at Texas A&M is completely free! We do not require any dues or ask for applications to be a general member, all we ask is for you to RSVP to any event you want to attend!

However, since we are a section of the national organization, you can pay dues to become a National Member, which has many perks! Find out more below.

General Member Perks:

  • Expand your Network

  • Find Community 

  • Gain Mentorship

  • Develop Professional Skills

  • Attend SWE-TAMU Conferences and                  Interactive Workshops

  • Inspire Future STEM Students

  • Volunteer at Various Community Events

National Member Perks:

  • Have Everything Above

  • Earn Semesterly Prizes

  • Join the Leadership Team

  • Apply to Attend National SWE Conferences

  • Access Additional Scholarship Opportunities    through National SWE and SWE-TAMU

Official National SWE Membership 

COLLEGIATE = $20 per year

COLLEGIEATE TO CAREER (Until Graduation, Plus One Professional Year) = $50 

JOINT MEMBERSHIP = Discounts vary, look here for up to date information

(Joint membership with AISES, NSBE, and SHPE)


How to Earn SWE Points

1 SWE point for events 

Ex: General Meetings, Socials, BuildU Workshops, FLAME events, etc.

1,3, or 5 SWE points for events where a variable number of hours are spent

Ex: High School Conference, Inspire, PR committee, FLAME, Leadership Retreat, etc.

Bonus: ½ SWE point if you wear a SWE shirt to an event

(5.5 SWE points is the maximum that can be obtained at an event)

Membership prizes are for paid members only. For instructions on how to become a paid member CLICK HERE. Points do not roll over between semesters.

Join Our SWEmail

  1. Send an email to , the email MUST be sent from the address in which you wish to receive future emails

  2. In the body of the email, include the following command:

    1. SUB  SWE-L  FirstName LastName

    2. Make sure you replace FirstName LastName with your actual first and last names

  3. Your subscription request will then be forwarded to the owner of the list (in this case Once your subscription request is approved, you will receive a confirmation email!

The SWEmail is an email sent once a week to anybody registered (see instructions below) about every upcoming event, application, and other opportunities we have upcoming as an organization! 

How to Join:

Parallel Lines


Divya Shukla

Howdy! My name is Divya Shukla, and I am a junior Chemical Engineering major from Houston, TX. I joined SWElites my freshman year, served as the ExCEL Workshop Lead and a Big in the Big/Little Program my sophomore year, and am excited to continue as Membership Chair. Outside of SWE, I club-swim, walk in the rain, and volunteer with the campus emergency care team. I look forward to what this year holds for SWE! If you have any questions about Membership or the SWEmail, please reach out to

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