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About STEMfest

STEMfest is an annual event hosted by the Texas A&M Society of Women Engineers that introduces

Girl Scouts to STEM through various activities. STEMfest is a great way to help younger students get engaged with STEM. To help plan STEMfest, there is a committee that consists of three sub-committees including design, communications, and logistics. If you are looking for a way to get involved with SWE, teach younger students about STEM, and develop leadership and collaborative skills, the STEMfest committee is for you. It is a one and a half semester commitment, and applications open in the Fall! If you have any questions about STEMfest, please email

Parallel Lines

STEMfest 2024

Parallel Lines


Brianna Bach

Howdy! My name is Brianna Bach, and I am a junior computing major from Sugar Land, TX. I joined SWE my freshman year as part of the SWElites Funds Committee and had the honor of serving as Peer Mentorship Co-Chair this past year. I am thrilled for the opportunity to continue working with SWE as STEMfest Co-Chair! In my free time, I enjoy playing tennis & pickleball, reading, cooking, baking, playing games, and spending time with friends & family.


Ipshita Singh

Howdy! My name is Ipshita Singh and I am a sophomore Mechanical Engineering major from Frisco, TX. I got involved with SWE during my freshman year, where I served as a Freshmen Representative and I am so excited to continue my journey with SWE! This year, I will be one of the STEMfest co-chairs and have the privilege to work alongside some wonderful people. In my free time, I love to listen to music, hang out with my friends and watch movies/shows. I look forward to seeing what we accomplish this year!

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