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SWE Outreach

About Outreach


SWE Outreach is a program designed to teach K-12 students about engineering through engaging hands-on activities. Outreach is composed of three components: SWE Inspire, SWE Engage, and SWENext.

SWE Inspire


SWE Inspire is a program for elementary students where SWE members travel to local elementary schools to perform science demonstrations and engage in experiments with students. SWE members also help facilitate friendly engineering competitions among the elementary school groups. The purpose of this program is to foster an early interest in STEM fields and inspire elementary school students to pursue engineering. 

SWE Engage

SWE Engage allows SWE members to volunteer at local middle schools in the College Station area to teach students about coding logic and the different engineering disciplines. Each session will involve middle school students getting hands on experience with the Lego Mindstorm EV3 sets and performing various challenging tasks. The purpose of this program is for middle school students to engage and foster interest in coding and engineering.


SWENext is a program that targets high school students looking to explore various engineering fields for their next steps in life. SWE members will have the opportunity to work closely with high school students to foster an environment of learning and mentorship. In SWENext, high school students will learn about the plethora of engineering disciplines, hear about different industries, and communicate with SWENext members through a mentorship program. SWENext mentors and mentees will correspond on a bi-weekly basis to discuss college readiness and refine communication and professional skills.

Parallel Lines


Annie Bone

Howdy! My name is Annie Bone and I am a sophomore civil engineering student from Oklahoma. I joined SWE at the start of my freshman year and joined the SWE Outreach committee. Being a part of Outreach was a highlight of my year, so I applied for an open officer position for the following year and currently now am an Outreach Co-Chair for this year! Outside of school, I enjoy drawing, reading, and petting my dog. I am super excited to see what we can accomplish this year and can’t wait to get started!

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Anna Khan

Howdy! My name is Anna Khan and I am a sophomore Biomedical Engineering major from Katy, TX. I first became involved in SWE during my freshman year in the Outreach committee, where I visited classrooms to teach about STEM. I am very excited to be Outreach Co-Coordinator and continue my work this year. In my free time, I love going on walks, watching sitcoms, baking, and hanging out with friends.

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