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Professional Development

About Professional Development

The Professional Development officers host events connected to the BuildU tracks, which cover skills that are crucial for engineers in professional settings.


SWE members who attend one event from each of the 4 tracks below are awarded an extra SWE point at the end of the semester















Certification Series

In this BuildU Series, students will learn about different certifications they can earn to enhance their skills in professional environments. These include certifications through professional organizations as well as resources open to the public.

Find Your Fit Series

From hearing graduate students talk about what grad school has to offer, to listening to company representatives present about their workplace responsibilities and culture, this BuildU Series allows for students to receive insight into the potential pathways their careers may take.  

Technology Series

This BuildU Series teaches students how to put their engineering and management skills into practice through different workshops. From hands-on design problems to leadership skill development, this series allows students to learn about engineering in the workplace.

Soft Skills Series

Developing soft skills such as public speaking and conflict resolution will be taught in this BuildU Series. These skills are very important in the workplace and are very much needed in a career that requires proper communication and collaboration.

PD Office Hours

We, the PD Co-Chairs, will be holding office hours to assist members with resumes and linked-ins. Whether you are getting started with your resumes or just need them to be reviewed, we are here to help you with the process!


Our office hours will be held biweekly on Fridays from 11:30 am to 12:30 pm at Zach in the SWE Office (450 A). We would love to see you there!

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Upcoming Office Hours

October 7, 2022   *   October 21, 2022

Parallel Lines


Athena Butler-Christodoulou

Howdy! My name is Athena Butler-Christodoulou and I am a junior Materials Science & Engineering major from Arlington, VA. I have been involved in SWE since my freshman year, where I was a member of the SWElites Professional Development Committee. The following year, I served as a counselor for the same committee. This year, I am very excited to serve as a SWE Professional Development Co-Chair! In addition to SWE, I am a member of Texas A&M’s mixed choir, Century Singers. I love spending time with friends, riding my bike, listening to music, and learning foreign languages.

Headshot_soph3 - Athena Butler-Christodoulou_edited.jpg

Rachana Sudhir

Howdy! My name is Rachana Sudhir and I am a sophomore general engineering major from Houston, TX. My involvement in SWE began during my freshman year as I joined the SWElites PD Committee. I enjoyed the experience very much and now serve as a PD Co-chair. I am looking forward to see what the upcoming year has in store! In my free time I enjoy watching movies, reading and trying out new cuisines!

Headshot - Rachana Sudhir_edited_edited.jpg
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