Points & Rewards

Do you know what looks good on your resume?

SWE Member- 4 years

Do you know what looks GREAT on your resume?

SWE Platinum Member- 4 years


5 SWE Points

Prize: Laptop Sticker



10 SWE Points

Prize: SWE Lanyard



15 SWE Points

Prize: SWE Engineering Paper

engineering paper SWE.jpg


20 SWE Points

Prize: Mug or Pop Socket


How to SWE Earn Points

1 SWE point for events 

Ex: General Meetings, Socials, BuildU Workshops, FLAME events, etc.

1,3, or 5 SWE points for events where a variable number of hours are spent

Ex: High School Conference, Inspire, PR committee, FLAME, Leadership Retreat, etc.

Bonus: ½ SWE point if you wear a SWE shirt to an event

(5.5 SWE points is the maximum that can be obtained at an event)

Membership prizes are for paid members only. For instructions on how to become a paid member CLICK HERE.