GradSWE Mentorship


 The GradSWE Protégé/Mentor Program is an opportunity for junior and senior undergraduates and graduate students majoring in the STEM fields to network with each other through discussion, socials, and shared experiences.

SWE will provide topics for the protégés and mentors to discuss. A minimum of (4) meetings will be required (time and place will be up to the discretion of the participants), and SWE will organize a social event for those who successfully complete the program! 


​Graduate Students - Why be a mentor?

This program provides a leadership opportunity for you to share your experiences and help guide undergraduates as they establish and work toward their career aspirations and decide whether or not graduate school is right for them.


Juniors and Seniors - Why be a protégé?

Wondering if graduate school is for you? As a protégé, you will have the chance to interact with graduate students with diverse school and work backgrounds that have chosen graduate school to help achieve their career goals.



MentorNet, a 501(c)(3) non-profit, is a virtual mentoring organization which leverages technology to match STEM students in higher education with professionals working in STEM fields. MentorNet seeks to provide ALL STEM students in the United States with access to effective mentorships in a vibrant community committed to student persistence and success. MentorNet uses a new scalable platform for mentoring that combines the technology of social networks with the social science of mentoring. 


You select your mentor from MentorNet's recommendations.Mentoring is one-on-one – you send only one invitation at a time and are matched with only one mentor. Pairs choose how to communicate – email, video, phone, text – whatever works for them.


Pairs receive weekly discussion topics designed to support your success in completing a STEM degree.  Our topics help to start conversations that lead to meaningful interactions. 


Your perspective is important to your mentor. Mentor-mentee pairs communicate for about 20 minutes per week during the four-month mentorship, but their relationships often last a lifetime.


Mentorships make a difference! 92% of MentorNet mentees graduate with a STEM degree.