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SWENext is a program that targets high school students looking to explore various engineering fields for their next steps in life. SWE members will have the opportunity to work closely with high school students to foster an environment of learning and mentorship. In SWENext, high school students will learn about the plethora of engineering disciplines, hear about different industries, and communicate with SWENext members through a mentorship program. SWENext mentors and mentees will correspond on a bi-weekly basis to discuss college readiness and refine communication and professional skills.

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Our SweNext mentors are members of Society of Women Engineers at Texas A&M University. They are students studying in various fields of engineering and are both upper and lower classmen. Our mentors each have plenty of experiences to share and are prepared to answer questions a mentee may have about engineering or college readiness. There will be scheduled bi-weekly discussions from our mentors to provided as much information to our SweNext mentees throughout the semester.



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