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About STEMfest

STEMfest is an annual event hosted by the Society of Women Engineers at Texas A&M, that introduces Girl Scouts to STEM through various activities. STEMfest is a great way to help younger students get engaged with STEM, and for committee members to learn various professional and soft skills. STEMfest consists of three sub-committees including design, communications, and logistics. If you are looking for a way to get involved with SWE, teach younger students about STEM, and develop leadership and collaborative skills, STEMfest is for you.

Parallel Lines

STEMfest 2023

Parallel Lines


Pavithra Gopalakrishnan

Howdy! My name is Pavithra Gopalakrishnan and I am a sophomore Computer Science major from Fort Worth, TX. I first got involved with SWE during my freshman year, when I was on the logistics team for STEMfest. I am thrilled to continue working with SWE as the STEMfest chair this year and get to meet other amazing SWEsters! You can catch me taking pics with my digital camera, eating Taco Bell, and blasting Doja Cat.

IMG_8836 - Pavithra Gopalakrishnan.JPG

Caiti McInerny

My name is Caiti McInerny and I'm a freshman Engineering major. In my free time, I like to read, scrapbook, and hang out with friends. I'm excited to be serving as one of the STEMfest co-chairs this year!

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