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More information about current SWE events can be found on the SWE calendar or our facebook page.


ExCEL Committee

The Excelling at College Engineering Leadership (ExCEL) committee will consist of 3-4 upperclassmen to help plan the events for all of the upperclassmen in SWE to help aid in the transition to their professional careers. Committee members will gain leadership and organizational skills along with 5 SWE points for their involvement in the committee. Applications close on Friday, February 5th.

SWE Pen Pals

 Sign up for the first ever SWE Pen Pal Program! Get matched with a fellow SWEster and get to know them one on one! The deadline to sign up is February 16th at 11:59pm. 


We are very excited to announce that the Society of Women Engineers has won Texas A&M's 2020 Adair Student Organization of the Year Award. 

Congratulations to everyone who helped to make this happen, and we are so proud of the members and leaders who make SWE the amazing organization that it is. WHOOP!

Taking a Stand for  Diversity and Inclusion

The Society of Women Engineers at Texas A&M University is a student organization that strives to cultivate an environment that promotes diversity, inclusion, and empowerment. The recent events in Minneapolis, that resulted in the death of George Floyd go directly against the core values of SWE and Texas A&M University. This act was inhumane and a blatant act of hatred that once again, exposed the systemic and individual racism that continues to play a role in our nation. We vehemently condemn these acts and any acts of racism, discrimination, and violence towards marginalized communities. 

We can not remain silent. We must demand action from our civic leaders to work towards the dismantlement of a system that is plagued with systemic racism. While we cannot begin to imagine the hurt and trauma that the Black community has experienced, we can use our voice and platform to stand in solidarity to demand justice and seek change.

We wholeheartedly back the following statement made by National SWE:



SWE wants your feedback on how we can improve our organization! Please submit your comments suggestions, constructive criticisms, or unique ideas.

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