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Corporate/A&M Opportunities

Community of Respect Program

We are looking for TAMU students to share about their experiences in Aggieland that coincide with the social identities that they possess. We hope to use these Aggie Stories to be featured in our Community of Respect program. We do this by showing 30 second clips of Aggies talking about their experiences. The three things that the students address is their cultural lens, an act of insensitivity that they’ve encountered or witnessed/heard about, and what they think other Aggies can do to create a community of respect.


The Details

Below are some specifics about the three talking points and examples.


Cultural Lens

My cultural lens is or I am a (social identities that you possess (race, gender, sexual orientation, socioeconomic status, sex, religious/non-religious affiliation, national origin, ethnicity, ability status, etc.)). I have/love to (write experiences such as studied abroad, favorite sports teams, hobbies, etc. that people may not think you possess based on how you look).

Example: I am studying engineering. I love spending time with my family, bowling, and science. On my free time I love to hike and play video games.


Acts of Insensitivity

Here explain what happened, how it made you feel, and why it was insensitive/inappropriate.

Example: Sometimes I feel that I do not belong in STEM because there are so few women in my classes. I’ve had faculty question my abilities because of my gender. This hurts and makes me feel like I am an outsider at times.


What You Can Do

Here explain what other students can do/say or not do/say to make Aggieland a more inclusive place.

Example: I think that other Aggies should make it a priority to go to different events and programs hosted by groups that are different from them. To be a true leader, it is important to learn about other cultures, religions, and any other social identity that the person does not possess.


What’s Next?

If interested, please fill out the survey below to share about your social identities and experiences. I will then take a look at your response and work with you to create a 30 second monologue for each of your experiences. Then when you feel that you’ve memorized what you’d like to say, we will video you talking about your experience. Please feel free to share/write about multiple experiences as you feel called. If you have any questions please let me know!

IBM Career Opportunities

Come join MEGSO in thier first annual Poster Competition as well as annual MEEN Cultural Celebration.

Date: November 8th

Time: 11:30-1:30pm in MEOB 301

Poster Submission:               Registration Link: 


Upcoming Events

Join Engineers in E-Week 

Ways to get involved in E-Week:

  • Attend 

  • Volunteer for different events

Lecture/Talk with


A former student will be speaking on his career journey and answering questions. The speaker will be NASA Technical Fellow, Mr. Henry Rotter, class of ‘63.

He will be speaking of his experience as an Aggie and his success throughout his career.